​Lexington and Concord.

​This tour concentrates on The Revolution and includes some sites in Boston pertaining to the buildup. This will take the entire day. My favorite tour. $550.


Salem and North Shore.

​This day long tour features the history of Salem and the beauty of Gloucester and Rockport. $550.

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​Senior Discount Available..

Best Private History Tour of Boston

​Plymouth and Quincy

This tour visits the Adams Family sites and also Plymouth. This tour is seasonal. $550.

​Boston Custom Tours has been formed to bring the best quality private tour to you and after 12 seasons I have achieved that. My name is Declan Kelly and am also a civil engineer and past tavern owner. The tour is designed to suit your interest at whatever level you desire. I normally drive and can take up to 7 people though on occasion I do larger numbers, walking tours and step on/step off. I am fully licensed and insured

Six Hour Driving.

This tour is for those who wish to get a detailed history of Boston at a relaxed pace. There is time for lunch and visiting MIT and Harvard. $525. .

​Boston Custom Tours

Four Hour Walking.

This tour covers the Freedom Trail except The Constitution and Bunker Hill. Best for the energetic who wish indepth narrative. $300.

Three Hour Driving.

This tour is designed to give a quick overview of the city including The Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, The North End and The Freedom Trail sites. $300 .

Newport Rhode Island.

This tour visits The Mansions of the Great Industrialists of The Gilded Age. A wonderful insight into the lives of the super wealthy. $550